The Advantages of Using a Split Type AC

Back in the day, many households depended on using centralised cooling and heating for a comfortable home. These systems are mostly duct-based systems. However, with the emergence of split type systems, centralised systems eventually lost their popularity. Split type systems offer many advantages and features that centralised system do not. When you are looking to upgrade or purchase a new HVAC system, consider looking at split type systems.

Here are some of the advantages:

Split ACEasy Installation

The basic operation of air conditioning is that cold air gets to the room via the condenser. With old HVACs, that cold air needs long ducts, which are very expensive. The installation also is costly for these ducts. With a split AC, you will only have to use a small copper tube plus the electrical wiring requirements. The unit placed inside the room is small in size so installing it is not much of a problem.  Most indoor units are well-designed and are built to blend in well with any interior design.

Well Hidden Compressors

One design flaw of a traditional HVAC is the placement of the compressor. It needs to be close to the home or room to work. This problem disappears in spilt types. Linking passages are utilised in split type HVAC, thus giving you the freedom to position the outdoor units, where the compressor is hidden. Because of this, you can strategically hide your noisy compressors outdoors. There is a limit to that distance though, which is usually 30 meters.

No Big Holes or Windows

Many people also use window-type air conditioning to replace centralised air conditioning. The challenge with window type air conditioning is it needs a huge hole off your wall or a window. Installation-wise that is just a lot of work. With split types, there is no need for that hole.

Cost Savings

Though a bit on the expensive side, using split AC can give you substantial cost savings. Most split types have independent thermostats so that you will have easy access to temperature adjustments, thus lesser energy wasted for you.

Easy Upkeep

For HVAC to work efficiently for many years, it needs preventive maintenance consistently. Most split type air conditioners come with air filters built to be cleaned and put back. It enables easy cleaning for a lesser cost of maintenance. The design of splits having the outdoor unit outside also gives you easy access, which means that you may not have to call a professional or AC cleaning technician every time you feel like the outdoor unit needs cleaning.

Amazingly Quiet

Because of the compressor is outside of your home, you can barely hear loud air conditioner noise. It is an advantage that no other type of air conditioning system or equipment can boast.