Simple Facebook Marketing Tips to Dominate the Steep Competition

When it comes to Facebook marketing, a lot of people tend to exaggerate their strategies. They’re always looking at the numbers and how it factors into their overall social media marketing scheme. However, increasing your follower count and improving user engagement doesn’t have to involve a lot of monitoring on the numbers. What you need is to make some simple changes on the appearance of your Facebook page or profile. Keep in mind that billions of people are on Facebook. However, you can potentially attract no one if you’re not following these simple Facebook marketing tips that will dominate the competition:


Perfect Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture isn’t just about a random picture of yourself or your company logo. It’s a visual representation that will make people recognise that it’s your official Facebook page. It also presents the first element that potential followers will see when they interact with you in the comment section or on search. That’s why imagery is a crucial aspect of your Facebook marketing strategy. Treat it like the title of an article you’re writing. Make it as attractive as you can – all while making sure that it represents you and your business.


With around 180×180 pixels to work with, you don’t have that much space to fit complex texts or cluttered images. That’s why you should make sure that the profile picture you choose is simple and minimal. If you’re running a solo brand, you can go for high-quality close-ups or headshots. If you’re running a company; of course, a high-quality company logo with a minimalist vibe is always the best choice.


Add Some Flair to Your Cover Photo

The cover photo is the complete opposite of your profile picture. It’s bigger and can fit a much larger image. It’s typically the “wow” factor that will give your visitors more reason to stick around and see what you have to offer. So, if your profile picture is the title of your article, then you should treat your cover photo as your first paragraph. It should be an attractive image that can visually represent what your business is all about. Don’t choose any random image just because it looks great. If you do, you’re wasting a great deal of real estate that you could’ve used to add more information about your brand. Facebook cover photos have an 820×312 pixel limit. So, you have all that space to place some attractive imagery, as well as some useful texts like your contact number, email, address, and much more.


As you can see, Facebook marketing isn’t as complicated as you might think. Sometimes, all it takes is perfecting the top two images in your page to make it more attractive and appealing to your target audience. So make sure you follow these two fantastic tips and improve your Facebook marketing campaign.